Improve Your Zoom Look

Before/after recommended Zoom changes. The shot on the right is better lit and higher definition.

Whether you’re presenting to students or sitting in a meeting, some simple tricks can improve your look on Zoom.

  • If you’re a presenter and have a newer camera, set your camera to use HD (High Definition).
  • Consider the “touch up my appearance” option.
  • Set camera level at eye level or slightly higher.
  • Make sure you are facing a natural light source, or, if that is unavailable, ditch the overhead light in favor of a fill light that shines at you rather than from above you.

We go through these tips in the video below:

Eventually, of course, we’ll have access to the Jetsons’ technology and put on our “video-conferencing face”. But, until then following these tips will dramatically improve the look of your Zoom sessions and maybe your recorded videos as well.

In the series The Jetsons people could don a special face for video calls. We’re not so lucky. (Animated GIF showing Jetsons scene)

Keep in mind the guidance that we gave in our initial blog post — while Zoom can be a great tool for small group conversations, in the current environment it can be problematic for delivering required content. For delivering required content you may want to look at “asynchronous” models instead, such as Panopto recordings and narrated PowerPoint slides.

Need an even more basic introduction to Zoom? Try the WSU Knowledge Base articles.

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