Dirt Simple Mini-Course

Dirt Simple Online

The Dirt Simple Online Course sequence consists of four blog posts containing text, screenshots, and short videos outlining what a minimal online course would look like and how to set it up, step-by-step. The Dirt Simple Online Course consists of:

  • Simple Word/Google Doc based assignments/tests
  • A general discussion forum for course-wide discussions
  • A weekly discussion forum for discussion/application of concepts
  • A weekly announcement telling students what they need to do this week, and giving any general course feedback or updates.

We say minimal, and people may think that’s a bad thing. But minimal can be good. It helps you focus on what’s important, and only seek out more complex technology when needed. Even when you’re a technology whiz, doing a thought experiment on how you might teach with just these tools will help you better understand what you aim to accomplish with the other tools.


Lesson 1
What Is Dirt Simple Online? Why Use It?

Lesson 2
A Simple Word Document-Based Assignment

Lesson 3
Creating a Simple Discussion Forum

Lesson 4
Creating a Weekly Announcement In Blackboard

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