Discussing cheating is one of my least favorite things to do, but it’s a valid concern, whether a course is online or not. This presentation talks about why students cheat, and how to discourage cheating through countermeasures, course redesign, and cultural interventions (but mostly course design). It’s split into four videos. Most of it is based on the book Cheating Lessons by James W. Lang.

As part of an experiment with using Zoom to record short instructional videos, I recorded it to the cloud, which had the added benefit of provided a rough transcript. For the moment I have set permissions to public, so you can share this video with other folks.

Cheating: Introduction
Time  9 minutes

Meeting Recording:

Cheating: Course Redesign
Time : 10 minutes

Meeting Recording:

Cheating: Self-efficacy
Time: 7 minutes

Meeting Recording:

Topic: Cheating: Cultural Interventions
Time: 12 minutes

Meeting Recording:

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