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What is Hyflex?

Hyflex (Pre-Covid)

Definition: A form of education which allows multiple modes of attendance based on student choice.

Pillars of Hyflex:

Pillar One – Learner Choice: 3 modes

  1. Face to Face
  2. Synchronous Online (Zoom)
  3. Asynchronous Online- Seems like a lot more work but is less than it seems.

Sample schedule (student chooses)

  • Face to Face
  • Face to Face
  • Asynchronous
  • Zoom
  • Asynchronous
  • Face to Face

Pillar Two – Equivalency: Most things are built once

  • Face to Face Discussion
  • Online Chat
  • VoiceThread Response


  • Poll
  • Poll
  • Quiz

Pillar Three: Reusability

  • Class -> LMS Video
  • Discussion Boards -> All students
  • Zoom Study Sessions -> All students

Pillar Four: Accessibility


Virtual Attendance is attendance.

  • No participation, no attendance.
  • No easy path, no passive path.

Allows you to be strict with other modes.

Student Impressions of Hyflex

  • Positive
  • 22 percent pay extra
  • 60% preferred
  • Framed as choice

Sample schedule

  1. Face to Face
  2. Asynchronous
  3. Asynchronous
  4. Zoom
  1. Pre-Course
  • Expect Face to Face to be wild favorite
  • Think asynchronous is not attractive
  1. Post-Course
  • Face to Face and Asynchronous more equal.
  • Used Asynchronous once.
  1. Now?
  • Lack of choice
  • Irony
  • Use Face to Face half or less.
  • Agency

Students have idealized expectations

Life intervenes

One question: Can we implement this in some way that preserves agency?

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